Politics in 2018

If it was not so horrifying the things which have happened so far in politics would actually be funny. Remember that scene in Back to the Future when young Marty admits that Ronald Reagan is president, and Emmet Brown responds ‘Ronald Reagan? The actor? Then who’s vice-president? Jerry Lewis?’ It was funny at the time, but now it has an air of prophesy about it because now we literally cannot believe where politics has brought us.

It is not just the US

Europe too is in an uproar. David Cameron the prime minister behind the Brexit vote allowed the issue to go to a referendum because he thought he could not lose. As a result, there was no plan in place, other than a promise that if the vote was to leave he would resign.

A tiny majority of people voted to leave and he did indeed resign. Since then, the entire political nation is involved in trying to work out how this could be achieved, and hordes of the population hold onto the idea there might, please, be a second vote and the citizens of the UK can get it right this time.

Although that presents a difficult way forward itself. The other member countries have put huge amounts of time an effort into Brexit, to think there is not going to be a bill involved is naïve.

Across the world

Politics still continues to prove we have done a bad job of learning from the generations which have gone before us.

The genocide in Myanmar proves ethnic cleansing can still occur, which is ironic because the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70 years’ old in 2018. The rights enshrined haven’t really changed in the seventy years since they were stated. The world’s ability to ignore them appears to continue unabated.

Yet in 2018 we in the US accepted fewer immigrants than ever before. What happened to give me your poor, your tired…We think in terms of walls and barriers, and separating children and parents. It is a US few recognize.

The mobilization of women

If there is something that we have seen in unprecedented ways it is the inclusion of women in politics. It is women who will not be silenced and women who continue to stand out for their beliefs.

This is also not just an American thing, but it is a reflection of fed up women across the world. In countries where their record on women’s issues is poor to dreadful, there is a marked increase in women who are taking the reins on behalf of others. Women are becoming the giants on whose shoulders the next generation can stand.

Politics in 2018

The political climate is more than ever on the cusp of change. There are changes and adjustments which are affecting huge tranches of the population and at some point, they will tip into action. I hope that one of the tipping points at least for us in the US will be upcoming November elections.